50 Things Every Child Needs Before Leaving Home with Josh Mulvihill

About This Episode

On this episode of BaseCamp Live, Davies and Josh Mulvihill talk about his newest book, 50 Things Every Child Needs Before Leaving Home. Imagine the day your child graduates. Are they ready? Do they have a faith in Christ that will endure? Are they ready to think well and have the critical thinking and hands-on life skills necessary to successfully negotiate the complexity of the modern world? These skills range from Josh’s list of 50 essential skills every child should acquire, ranging from cultivating Christ-like character to managing finances, handling personal care, cooking meals, and responding effectively to emergencies.  In this episode, you’ll discover valuable insights on developing a unique plan for each child.

Wanna Find A Specific Part of the Interview with Josh Mulvihill?

04:41 Josh’s Journey: From Pastoral Ministry to Family Discipleship
07:11 The Heartbeat of Parenting: Raising Kids in Faith
08:42 The Essence of Intentional Parenting
09:48 Navigating the Challenges of Modern Parenting
12:10 The DIY Parenting Retreat: A Tool for Intentional Parenting
17:13 Firm Foundations: Establishing Authority and Obedience
22:53 Understanding Suffering: A Crucial Aspect of Character Development
26:47 Life Skills for Real-World Readiness
28:55 Navigating Friendships: A Key to Social Development
35:12 Work and Money Management: Preparing for the Future
37:02 Teaching Financial Responsibility and Entrepreneurship to Kids
40:07 Addressing Parental Concerns and Encouraging Financial Education
41:13 Finding Focus in Parenting: Prioritizing Key Pillars

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