Speaking and Training

Educate and Inspire Your Parents and Staff at Your School

Are you a school leader eager to:

  • Reignite parental appreciation for your school and classical Christian education?
  • Equip parents to navigate the increasing pressures of technology, peers, and entertainment?
  • Reinvigorate your staff with a crystal-clear vision of classical Christian education and how to cultivate a contagious culture?

If so, schedule a personal planning call with me today to explore how I can serve your community.


Below are just a few of the topics available for customization to meet your school’s specific needs. Sessions can range from a single session to part of a half-day training.

Choose topics based on your school’s highest priorities…

Parenting Essentials Series

  • What is Classical Christian Education? Why CCE is the best education for life in a rapidly changing world – a clear and memorable answer!
  • Home Habits that Reinforce School Culture – partnering well with your school for the 13-year K-12 journey 
  • Going the Distance the essential value of the middle and high school years
  • Navigating Technology – the pitfalls and opportunities of technology in home and school
  • The Shifting Culture from A to Z – (from Gen Z to A.I.’s impact) within our homes and school

Teacher and Staff Essentials Series 

  • What is classical Christian education? – How staff can answer confidently and invite deeper discovery
  • Creating Healthy and Beautiful School Culture – From people to physical spaces
  • Partnering with Millenial and Gen Z Parents – So the home reinforces the school’s goals 
  • The Formation of A Classical Christian School Graduate – The essentials that students need to graduate 
  • Partnering with Churches and Businesses – Proven stories and strategies to be collaborative and connected
  • Breaking through the Noise – delivering compelling content to parents in a digital age

Speaking Packages

Package 1
Single Event
Motivational and Instructional Keynote Messages
Auction Dinner, Parent Training, Sessions
30 to 90 min session (plus Q&A options)
Contact for pricing

Package 2
Full Day
Maximize the whole day on campus
Keynote Message PLUS Campus Observation and Training
Parent Education Events, Meet with Administration, Visit Classrooms
Faculty Meetings/Training
Contact for pricing

Package 3
 Two Full Days on Campus
Customized to your goals
Includes Faculty In-Service Training (half to full day)
AND Parent Education Half Day (Saturday morning, typically)
Available for classroom visits
Contact for pricing

What’s New in 2024?

Dr. Davies Owens and Keith MCCurdy, LPC are offering a two-day combined event with each of them training and equipping your preferred groups
(students, parents, teachers, admin). 

A combination of events for everyone.

All events include the possibility of doing an on-location BaseCamp Live podcast. Please ask!

Are you interested in having Davies Owens speak at your school in 2024?

What others are saying…

“Davies’ on-point and winsome message articulated the value of a classical Christian education in a way that helped move our parents from willing partners to invested advocates.” 

Stuart Harvey Head of Board Stonehaven School Marietta GA

“Davies provides excellent ideas and suggestions from a wide variety of thought leaders in CCE.  Ideas and suggestions that I love to steal, adopt, and put into practice at Westminster Academy.  His insights significantly helped make us a better school!”

Ralph Janikowsky, Head of School Westminster Academy – Memphis TN