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Josh Gibbs

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Renewing Our Imaginations w/ Jessica Hooten Wilson

Classical Christian folks celebrate high-level thinking, and rightly so, but as humans, we are ultimately driven by our hearts and imaginations. Reading great literature isn’t just for mental push-ups, it is to engage living stories... Read More
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The Telos of Education with David Diener

Too many people today assume the primary goal of education is to get enough knowledge and training to get to a good college and get a job. Yet classical Christian educators and parents know those... Read More
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200th Episode w/ Keith McCurdy

Four years ago I launched this podcast out of what began several years before as a Tuesday night parent education night at our school. And now this is episode 200! What have we learned through the... Read More
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Life Without Fear w/ Ben Bost

We live in a therapeutic age where feelings and emotions dominate reason and confidence in truth.  Almost anywhere you turn these days, researchers are telling us how folks are more anxious and consumed in fear... Read More
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The Lost Art of Discipling Children

For centuries young parents raised their children in the same community as their extended family. Best practices for raising and disciplining children were both modeled and supported by the entire community.  But today, the vast... Read More
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