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A Classical Life Hack: Commonplacing ~ Chris Browne

If you are like the average person, you easily forget what you’ve just read. But not if you “commonplace”. Commonplacing is a practice of antiquity that was particularly popular in the Renaissance and the nineteenth... Read More
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The Drawbacks of Educational Technology ~ Martin Cothran

How do we know when we’ve overstepped technology in the classical educational environment?  Don’t we need to raise “real world” ready kids? Martin Cothran argues that today’s schools – and parents – are actually raising “Windows”... Read More
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How God Wires The Brain For Stories ~ Aaron Ames

Alexander the Great considered stories his most prized possession and Jesus deemed stories worthy of the secrets of the Kingdom of God.  Storytelling is more than something we do around a campfire… it is what drives... Read More
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