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Barna Group w/ Savannah Kimberlin

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The Power of a Good Question w/ Scott McElvain

The art of questioning is a foundational pillar of education, serving as a vehicle for learning, guiding, and elevating both educators and learners alike. For those committed to the principles of Classical Christian Education, it... Read More
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Ordering Gen Z’s Loves w/ Joseph Clair

A Classical Christian education goes beyond imparting knowledge in reading, writing, and arithmetic. It is not just limited to Christian education either, as it encompasses the formation of the human soul. The objective is to... Read More
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Choosing Books in a Digital World w/ David Diener

As a listener of BaseCamp Live, you likely recognize the significance of reading in shaping our minds, character, and habits. One of the fundamental pillars of any Classical Christian school is reading books that have... Read More
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Latest Technology Student Impact w/ Chris McKenna

Latest statistics indicate that the average American spends more than seven hours a day looking at a screen with younger Gen Z individuals averaging more than nine hours. Classical Christian schools have the advantage of... Read More
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Fundraising as a Win for Everyone w/ Brad Layland

Our schools exist to raise up the next generation to love the true, the good, and the beautiful and to form hearts and minds and shape affections. Parents contribute financially through the tuition they pay,... Read More
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Vocational Discipleship w/ Tami Peterson

There is no doubt classical Christian students are “real world ready” – academically and generally prepared to make wise decisions in a wobbly world. But even the best educated classic Christian students are teenagers who... Read More
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Online CCE Success Story w/ Nancy & Bob Donaldson

Imagine classical Christian classrooms with students who are engaged in a deep and lively discussion with fellow students who are located all over the world? Imagine being a small school with a renowned master teacher... Read More
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