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The Latest Research on CCE Success w/ Brad Doplloff

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The State of Parenting Today w/ Keith McCurdy

Counselor, Keith McCurdy, is back on this episode. He joined me onstage at this summer’s SCL conference, and we decided we should share that interview, where we discuss the truth of the mental health crisis,... Read More
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Writing Future Great Books w/ Dustin Leimgruber

His book review says it all – “In a world of 280-character social media posts, we desperately need to cultivate again our holy imaginations through good reading, especially with our children.” In The Sanctus Chronicles:... Read More
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Culture-Shaping House Programs w/ Jordan Tucker

Classical Christian education is a powerful antidote to the all-pervasive and alluring secular culture that daily pulls and shapes what our children love. The effectiveness of our schools is not only the content of our ... Read More
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Student Buy-In: So Why THIS School?

I’ve said before that students in K-12 Classical Christian schools are often the most neglected population in our schools. What do I mean by that? School leaders put a lot of energy into educating parents,... Read More
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