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Vocational Discipleship w/ Tami Peterson

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Online CCE Success Story w/ Nancy & Bob Donaldson

Imagine classical Christian classrooms with students who are engaged in a deep and lively discussion with fellow students who are located all over the world? Imagine being a small school with a renowned master teacher... Read More
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Lessons from a Teenage C.S. Lewis w/ Hal Poe

When we think of the influential Oxford professor, CS Lewis, writer of such classical literature as the Chronicles of Narnia and Mere Christianity, we think of the mature and articulate scholar. But what would he... Read More
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Boys to Men in CCE w/ Keith McCurdy

CCE schools are the best educational environment for raising boys to men. It isn’t uncommon to hear a parent, maybe even an educator, assert that classical Christian education, while ideal for those grammar school days,... Read More
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Rediscovering Science w/ Tim Ainstine

We hear the word “science” a lot these days. We are told to “trust the science,” as the modern world increasingly elevates science to an almost religious status. Yet for so many students, science class... Read More
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Making Home and School Work in Harmony

There are a number of key ingredients that make classical Christian education work, most importantly, the role parents play in their child’s education during the hours at home. One of the growing forms of classical... Read More
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