Equipping You to Raise the Next Generation with Ancient Future Education

You are an influencer…you no doubt want the best for the next generation… academically, emotionally and spiritually…

The greatest challenge is how to shape young people who will encounter a culture that is often working against them and equip them to become flourishing adults who love Jesus Christ, think with confidence, believe with courage and serve with compassion.

Ancient Future Education isn’t something new. The approach has been around for centuries and today is often called classical Christian education. The greatest minds and servant leaders have been educated using this model. It is more than a curriculum…it is a way of life and the model to educate the next generation for the 21st century marketplace.

BaseCamp will equip you, the parent, grandparent, educator, or mentor, to climb that biggest mountain.

Our guests are some of the top thought leaders, culture watchers, and educational experts. They are familiar with the obstacles you’ll encounter on that uphill climb. They will offer you the tools you’ll need to summit the peak and raise the next generation of exceptionally prepared, compassionate, and thoughtful human beings.

Tune in each week for a short 23 minute show that will be encouraging and well worth your time.

And remember, you will “form or be formed!”

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Davies Owens, Host of BaseCamp LIVE

A guy with two last names? (It’s alphabetical). Davies has spent three decades working with young people and impacting the next generation in a variety of settings. From early days of hosting a college radio show to earning an M.Div. at Duke (nothing like a school with a Blue Devil mascot!) to leading suburban and urban churches… to opening a downtown coffeehouse in Orlando, Florida, for young adults, to doing research on online interaction and community for his doctoral research and working with Christianity.com in the Silicon Valley heyday (until the “hay” dried up after 9-11)… to establishing an innovation lab for churches and non-profits with a former Walt Disney Imagineer with initiatives to connect the gospel and young people on more than 30 college campuses and around the world using an innovative strategy in places from London and Thailand to New Orleans and Poland… he discovered that one of the places of greatest influence in raising the next generation is in a K-12 classical Christian school environment where young people are shaped by more than 16,000 hours in school – an environment where he has been passionately working for the past 12 years. As the Head of Vision and Advancement at The Ambrose School, he serves as champion of the classical Christian school movement locally, but with a passion for supporting schools and those “raising up the next generation” around the world.

When he is not behind the microphone, you might find him in Rwanda supporting a partner school, or recharging at home fixing or inventing something with his kids or restoring an old car out in his shop. He and his wife Holly have been married for a quarter of a century and have three amazing children who are all teenagers!

The best news is that the show isn’t about him! He is just the guide and curator and is there to introduce you to impressive guests from all around the world engaged in this noble task of raising the next generation with ancient future education!