Athletics in Classical Schools w/ Wes Boyd

In this episode of Basecamp Live, Davies interviews Wes Boyd, the Director of Athletics at Providence Christian School of Texas. Wes shares his unique insights into training young people to develop character and embody classical virtues in all aspects of life, including athletics. The episode explores the possibility of integrating faith and athletics, the prioritization of athletics in classical Christian schools, and the role of athletics in nurturing virtue in students and children. Wes Boyd and Davies Owens engage in a comprehensive discussion that addresses these questions and more, making this episode of BaseCamp Live a must-listen.

Biography: Wes Boyd

Wes Boyd joined the Providence Christian School of Texas team in June 2021. His extensive experience in leadership, business, sports, and working with young people uniquely equip him for this important role. Raised in Dallas from fifth grade through high school, Wes points to many coaches and teachers, both in school and at church, who played significant roles during his formative years. After high school graduation, Wes studied economics and philosophy at Washington and Lee University where he played basketball and was a standout track and field athlete—a thirteen-time conference champion. After college, he served as a teacher and coach for basketball and track and field at the Darlington School in Georgia. He spent the next 26 years in sales and marketing, earning an MBA from the University of Texas along the way. He continued coaching sports as a father, and later returned to work in education as a basketball coach for the Covenant School of Dallas. Over his career at Covenant, Mr. Boyd worked with middle school boys and developed the school’s varsity girls’ basketball program. Wes’s experience as a church elder and in the business world gives him a seasoned ability to foster culture, disciple, attract and develop talent, and engage the community in Providence’s athletic philosophy.