Battle for the American Mind w/ David Goodwin

One of the reasons we love classical Christian education is because it fully restores the way just about everyone in the west was educated up until 100 years ago. At the turn of the century, significant changes took place that led to where we are today, not only in education but even further downstream in our culture. ACCS president David Goodwin joins us to share from his new book: Battle for the American Mind, which topped  the New York Times bestsellers list after just a month on the market.  He winsomely explains a number of pivotal moments that forever changed American schools, which all parents and educators need to be aware of, and that will honestly inspire you to be even more grateful and engaged in this amazing generation-shaping process we call Classical Christian Education.

David Goodwin serves as the president of the ACCS, prior to that he was HOS at Ambrose in Boise and he began his career working in the world of technology and marketing for HP.  A few years ago David connected with Pete Hegseth at Fox News, which David explains in detail in this interview both why this partnership and the exposure points it has given our movement. He also shares the remarkable story of  Pete’s  own awakening as to what really matters in education, causing him to now move to a new town, just to ensure his own children are receiving a CCE.  Together they produced a 5 part documentary called the Miseducation of America, which is available on Fox Nation and now the book, which just released last month and has been on the top of the New York Times book list.