Marine Commander Who Fought in Benghazi is After Your Kids

Tough as nails Colonel George Bristol has spent 38 years in intense combat missions as a United States Marine in Force Reconnaissance and Special Ops in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, the Balkans, and most recently in Benghazi. He has had a career of training up young soldiers to lead courageously into unmentionable dark corners of the world. A year ago he retired and set aside invitations with some of the top civilian and military organizations to join a small effort to raise kids to be respectful, responsible, resilient… what he learned and is doing now can impact your kids as well.

Colonel Bristol – a native of Rhode Island – served for 38 years in the United States Marine Corps in Force Reconnaissance, Infantry, Intelligence, and Special Operations. He deployed in combat and contingency operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Balkans, Central America, and North and Western Africa throughout his career.

He is a graduate of Presbyterian College with a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature; the Naval War College with a Master of Science in Strategic Security Studies; and served as a Senior Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working with graduate students in the National Security realm. He created, developed, and implemented the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program – an integrated close combat fighting system that is used to the present day by all United States Marines.

Colonel Bristol is married to the former Janet Walters – a Navy Captain currently serving in Washington DC. They have two grown children: son Samuel Damon, a computer programmer and daughter Cory Marie, a teacher. Having lived all over the world, the Bristols are ecstatic to find the Flathead Valley and all that it offers.

He remains dedicated to comprehensive martial training and development; fair chase, on-the-ground hunting with longbow and rifle; traditional forest skills to include axe and crosscut saw; reading and research into Western Americana; and functionally-applied strength training. He is deeply committed to wilderness and forest conservation, self-reliance, and preservation of the American Spirit.

Colonel Bristol comes to Whitefish Christian Academy motivated to assist in the development of the youth of today in mind, body, and spirit to navigate the complex and dynamic world they live in. Through the tenets of the Classical Christian Education system – in concert with love of God, Family, Country, and Community – the future graduate of WCA will be respectful, responsible, resilient, and seek excellence in any chosen endeavor he or she encounters.