A Father’s Guide to Supporting the Next Generation

A school is only as successful as the home in raising the next generation. In many traditional and busy homes, mom manages “the school stuff” while dad is fully engaged in work. However, a father’s involvement is important, especially in classical Christian school homes. Which practices can fathers add to their parenting without adding guilt or stress to their already full lives? Our guest today, Eric Reed, leads a men’s ministry with an international impact and has spent several decades working to help strengthen marriages and families. He knows the struggles firsthand as his own children are involved in classical Christian education. We encourage dads to listen – and moms, too!

Eric Reed serves as the Minister to Men and New Christians at Houston’s First Baptist Church. He is passionate about calling men into biblical friendship, discipleship and leveraging their gifts and abilities to advance God’s Kingdom in the hearts, minds and souls of people everywhere. He is married to the love of his life and has four energetic kids, Emma, Luke, Kate and Lily.