Think making kids memorize is oppressive? Speech Meet will change your mind – Carl Warmouth

Decades ago now, memorization largely disappeared from the American classroom. What happened? Progressive educators had decided that memorization was just rote learning at best and at worst was oppressive and harmful to the creative mind of a child. Many classical Christian schools have revived memorization during the grammar stage when children’s minds are especially adept at absorbing large amounts of information. But why? Could we indeed be harming the creative mind, or might we actually be stoking the fires of creativity by filling students with beautiful words and amazing facts? Children will memorize whatever is in front of them, whether it be inspiring poetry or commercial jingles. Speech Meet is a great example of how memorization can impact a student’s life for good both now and in the future. Listen in…

Carl Warmouth graduated with a degree in Psychology from Tennessee Wesleyan University. He was formerly Headmaster at Trinity Christian School in Opelika, Alabama before he came to The Ambrose School in 2014.

Carl first became convicted of the value of classical Christian education in 1999 after his wife began teaching at a classical Christian school and enrolling his oldest child there. After reading Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning, Excused Absence, and The Paideia of God by Doug Wilson, he sensed God calling him to be involved in a greater way. After considerable time spent seeking God, he made a career change and was hired as the upper school principal at Trinity Christian School. The following year he was asked to serve as headmaster. Carl’s two children both received a K-12 classical Christian education. His son graduated from Ambrose in 2017 and his daughter continued her classical Christian education at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, Idaho. His wife has been a grammar school teacher now for more than 18 years. He believes deeply in the vision and mission of The Ambrose School, and is honored to be a part of it.

Carl’s previous experience includes nine years in the resort industry and 10 years in child and family counseling as the Therapeutic Program Director at a residential treatment center for emotionally disturbed children.