Classical Christian Education Is More Than We Realize with Clifford Humphrey

Classical Christian Education is a fantastic form of education, yet it is often challenging for parents and educators to define it well. In an effort to explain it and live it out, we often latch onto narrow definitions and understandings, risking missing out on the big picture. Clifford Humphrey has thought deeply about these various definitions of classical Christian education. He has some helpful ways to avoid the ditches we can fall into while showing the power of classical Christian education to raise the next generation effectively. You will discover even more reasons to love and appreciate this form of education that is taking the world by storm at this very moment in history.

Clifford Humphrey grew up in Gainesville, Georgia. His mother homeschooled him and his two brothers through middle school, at which point he attended a university model high school that his parents helped establish. He attended Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida and obtained a B.S. in psychology. He then spent three years in New York City, learning classical languages and the trade of woodworking. After New York, he taught at a classical Christian school in Pensacola, Florida for two years before moving to Hunan, China to teach English for a year. He then entered graduate school in politics, first at the University of Dallas and later at Hillsdale College where he recently completed his Ph.D.