Culture-Shaping House Programs w/ Jordan Tucker

Classical Christian education is a powerful antidote to the all-pervasive and alluring secular culture that daily pulls and shapes what our children love. The effectiveness of our schools is not only the content of our  Great Books curriculum and training the mind with skills of logic and rhetoric, but our ability to form habits, loves, and what our children value and pursue. But we also have to recognize that much of the formation happens not in the classrooms but in the hallways. Our guest, Jordan Tucker, is an expert in developing an effective house program that is one of the most profound culture-shaping forces in our schools, impacting not only classrooms but hallways and even homes.

Jordan Tucker began teaching at The Ambrose School in 2013.

His commitment to the classical Christian model is rooted in its understanding that education is about cultivating the whole person toward the design and purpose that God has given humanity. Students are correctly understood as growing into their calling as God’s viceroys, and they are equipped to become culture builders for His glory. Moreover, the classical Christian model properly recognizes the family as the God-ordained institution for raising children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and it supports parents in fulfilling this beautiful responsibility. Jordan firmly convinced of the vision and mission of The Ambrose School because they are biblical; and I consider it a blessing to be a member of the community.

He is married to his wonderful wife, Ariel. They have two sons and enjoy adventure, all types of games, snowboarding, and relishing food while trying new restaurants.