Stuck in the Present, with David Moore

Are you stuck in the present? Our culture is quick to dismiss anything perceived as old, even last year’s cell phone model, much less the wisdom learned from history. And those of us raising the next generation with Classical Christian education are more often looking to the past for wisdom in a world that insists the present is all that matters. David Moore will inspire you to gain a new appreciation of history and learn practical ways to navigate better the daily bombardment of information from modern-day forward-only thinkers.

David Moore graduated from both Dallas Theological Seminary and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. He has written three other books, including one of Preaching Magazine’s best books of the year, and has interviewed 200 authors in both print and on the radio. A regular contributor to Christianity Today/Jesus Creed, Moore has also written for the Gospel Coalition, Huffington Post, Bibliotheca Sacra, Austin American-Statesman, Touchstone, Mere Orthodoxy, C. S. Lewis Institute’s Heart & Mind, and Front Porch Republic. He lives in Austin with his wife, Doreen.

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