It’s Not Too Late for us Old Folks! – David Moore

What if you could go back and get the education your children are having now?  It’s not too late! There’s still time for you and me to grow and learn in much the same way our kids in a classical Christian school are. Many parents think that it’s too late, that they’re too old, they can’t focus enough, etc. David Moore says IT’S NOT TRUE! He has yet to meet someone who can’t grow and learn right along with their kids. For a start, don’t be afraid to be curious! Nobody knows it all so don’t be embarrassed to ask questions, even if you feel like you should already know the answers.

What else can you do? David has some great suggestions to get you going in a new life of joyful discovery. Listen in…

Be sure to keep listening to hear the BACKSIDE where we continue our conversation with Mr. Moore beyond our usual half hour.

lateDavid George Moore is the host of “Moore Engaging.” Dave has enjoyed an eclectic career from undercover work arresting shoplifters to pastoral ministry. The latter was the most dangerous.

He has given chapel messages to several NFL football teams, Major League baseball, and the LPGA. Dave has spoken at many universities and colleges (e.g. Stanford, Cal/Berkeley, Arizona State, Rice, Vanderbilt, Wheaton, and the University of Texas at Austin), churches, and in five different countries (Mexico, Canada, Poland, Croatia, and France). He’s been a plenary speaker for the Veritas Forum and Cru.

Dave’s media work includes the highest ranked local radio program for its time period, PBS, and various pieces in publications like the Austin American-Statesman, the Huffington Post and Patheos where he is a regular contributor for the Jesus Creed portal (Scot McKnight proprietor).

Dave is the author of three books. Two other books are soon slated for publication. He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Doreen.