Dick Keyes on Teaching Truth in a Relativistic World

The world is getting crazy. How do we raise a generation that refuses to compromise in matters of faith, especially in a world that rejects, even scorns, anyone who believes in absolute truth? Like walking a roofline, how do we balance being in the world but not of it? On one side, a person can easily compromise and blindly adopt the latest “correct thinking” and fall into the ditch of becoming a chameleon changing with their environment. On the other side of the roof, it is easy for a person to slide into isolation in a holy huddle, overly cautious and afraid of the world. A person is only surrounded by those who think and act like them.

Dick Keyes has spent five decades as part of Francis Schaeffer’s L’Abri Fellowship, helping people navigate this balance. Ultimately, he urges them to live confidently and boldly as followers of Christ using what Schaeffer called “True Truth,” which he describes as “the mark of the Christian a love lived out, despite the wild world around us.” It’s for sure something we should strive for each day as classical Christian educators and parents but for sure not easy… join us for this conversation!


Dick Keyes is director emeritus of L’Abri Fellowship in Southborough, Massachusetts, where he has worked with his wife and family since 1979. He holds a B.A. in History from Harvard University and an M.Div. from Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia.

Dick has worked for L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland and England, where he also served as a pastor in the International Presbyterian Church in London for eight years. He has been an adjunct professor at Gordon Conwell Seminary and Westminster Theological Seminary.

Dick Keyes (B.A. Harvard University, M. Div. Westminster Seminary) is the director of L’Abri Fellowship in Southborough, MA. He is the author of Beyond IdentityTrue Heroism, and Chameleon Christianity and several book chapters in anthologies such as Finding God at Harvard and The New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics. He has lectured widely on the Christian faith and modern culture in the United States, Europe, and Korea.

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