Embracing Learning Differences in Classical Christian Schools ~ Leslie Collins

How do children with learning challenges fare in classical Christian schools? And how should CCE schools respond to the special needs of children and families? Leslie Collins has worked within special education for years, both in public and private schools, and her response may surprise you. Learn about the framework and infrastructure that she recommends for CCE schools to meet these needs and how all children benefit when their peers may learn differently. It’s not easy but it is possible!

Don’t miss today’s special BCL Backside where Davies, Kelly and Leslie discuss meeting the needs of children who have been adopted and how Leslie’s eyes were opened to their special needs.

leslie collins

Leslie Collins has been working in classical and Christian education since 1995. She holds a master of arts in biblical counseling from The Master’s University and a bachelor of science in special education from the University of Maryland. Leslie was the founding headmistress of Rockbridge Academy in Millersville, Maryland, and was privileged to briefly serve in Kailua, Hawaii, as Trinity Christian School transitioned to a classical model. She is currently the Head of School at Covenant Academy in northwest Houston. Leslie and her husband, Dave, have four children, the youngest of whom is graduating this year.