Got Questions? 100 Answers to Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian Education is a new experience for many people, and whether you are new or have been around a classical school for years, there are many questions about why we do what we do. And since few parents or teachers today grew up in CCE schools, combined with the fact that there are more families than ever joining our schools, you are likely not alone if you have a question. My guest, Dr. Tim Dernlan, is back to share answers to 10 questions from the 100 he has identified and written about in his new book, “A Guide to Understanding Classical Christian Education: 100 Common Questions.”

Dr. Timothy Dernlan earned a Bachelor of Arts in both Education and Communication at Purdue University, a Master of Education in Educational Leadership at Lehigh University, and a Doctor of Education in Leadership Studies at Ashland University. He has experience teaching theater, math, rhetoric, physical education, personal finance, communication, leadership, and systematic theology in public, charter, private, Christian, and classical Christian schools and at the college level. His areas of focus are spiritual formation, classroom management, the effectiveness of classical Christian education, fundraising, the works of C.S. Lewis, physical education and the trivium, and leadership.

He served as Principal and then Headmaster at Tall Oaks Classical School before serving as Superintendent of Reach Christian Schools, a three-campus, Christian school district that educated over 1200 students at five different PK-12 schools. He then moved to southern Alabama to serve as Head of School at Bayshore Christian School in Fairhope, AL. Dernlan is a visionary leader and is passionate about advancing Christian community and culture through education. Also, Dr. Dernlan serves on the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS) Board of Directors. and consults with schools specializing in strategic planning and financial stability.

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