When Grades Rule Your Life

The pursuit of grades is the all consuming end game for many students and parents today. Grades are the currency that our culture trades in and ultimately determine when a good education has been achieved. And in our culture, everyone deserves an “A”, or so we are encouraged to believe. Self esteem and personal values are quickly tied to one’s grades and in all of the madness, establishing a lifelong love of learning is often the first thing to be lost. How do we keep the balance and make sure that grades don’t rule our lives? Stay tuned to find out.

gradesLatin teacher Laura Schlect is among the new generation of classical Christian school graduates. After graduating from The Oaks, a classical Christian school in Spokane, Washington, she then went on to the classical Christian New Saint Andrews College to obtain her liberal arts degree. Her passion is teaching Latin in an accessible and engaging way. She loves to see students speaking and reading Latin and enjoying the process along the way. Laura feels privileged to be a part of her students’ lives during their formative middle school years, especially as they learn to make their faith their own. She strives to point students to the all-sufficient love of Jesus on the cross because Christ has made her His own and she wants to share that joy with her students.