How Classical Christian Trains Graduates to Stand Strong ~ Matthew Breazeale

Culture is always downstream of education. We are reaping today the fruits of what has been taught or not taught in schools. At BCL, we’re big fans of classical Christian education precisely because it gives students what they need to be real world ready rather than sheltering them. Our guest today, Matthew Breazeale of Trinity Academy, completed a doctoral dissertation exploring the reasons why CCE graduates can and do stand strong in their faith and in their life decisions that go the distance.

Matthew has 10+ years of educational experience with with 6+ years of administrative/leadership experience. He has served as a teacher (part of Teach For America) as well as an assistant principal within the public school system. He also has experience serving at an independent school as a division head and interim head of school. As interim, he served 7 months to finish an academic and fiscal year while also preparing for the next; this required managing a ~$4.4 million budget and overseeing enrollment growth from 383 to 405. As Head of Lower School at Trinity Academy in Raleigh, NC, he directly oversees a staff of 25-30 and student enrollment of around 200.