How To Keep Your Classical Christian School From Running Off The Rails ~ Kathleen Kitchin

What anchors a school? This is the million-dollar question author Kathleen Kitchin asks of existing classical Christian Schools. Her new book, First Things First: Keeping Your Classical Christian School On Track, reveals the principles and patterns of success she discovered in her research. In this podcast, teachers, staff, and parents will learn how a school can become the educational “alma mater” – that’s Latin for “nourishing mother” – that our graduates will look back on with gratitude and fondness. Learn how to shore up those practices to help your classical Christian school stay on track…or get your school back on track!

KATHLEEN F. KITCHIN has been an educator for 20+ years, having taught in public school, community college, homeschool, private classical Christian school, and home­ school tutorials, as well as volunteering and substituting in classical Christian schools. She lives in North Carolina with her husband David. Both of their adult children were trained in the Classical Christian model through all three roads of the Trivium: grammar, logic, and rhetoric. She is also involved in supporting her local pregnancy resource center and at a refugee center near Atlanta.