There seems to be an epidemic today of young people who don’t know who they are. They grasp for affirmation and value through their performance or a social media like. Our guest today says that classical Christian schools are uniquely positioned to light a fire of hope, purpose, and meaning in our students as they discover what it really means to be made in the image of God. Listen in as I interview Peter at the Society for Classical Learning conference.

imagePeter Baur has been involved in independent education for nearly 40 years and has held roles in several environments, including start-up classical Christian schools and “elite” private schools with over 150 years of history. Peter has served in nearly every capacity, including PR/Marketing, curriculum development, head of school, development/fundraising, special events, college guidance, admission, advisory, teaching and coaching. In addition, Peter has led schools and churches in strategic planning, has presented at Circe, ACCS and SCL, and been a featured speaker at schools around the nation. Peter is known for his ability to articulate Classical Christian education in a simple, practical manner. Peter is the only SCL Fellow elected prior to becoming a head of school.

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One comment on “Image Bearers: Becoming who you were made to be – Peter Baur

  1. Debbra Bennett Dec 4, 2018

    Like Peter, I was looking for a school experience for my child that would prevent her from being co-opt by a very corrupt culture. I wanted a school that would teach her to reason the truth. Most of all, I wanted a school that would encourage her faith in Christ. That school was Faith Christian in Roanoke, Virginia. It more than prepared her to compete in college but also to excel in her courses. She often says, ” I had college in high school ( at Faith Christian ) and high school ( at Roanoke College ) in college.” She even successfully competed for $82,000 in scholarship money, that paid for most of her college education. My daughter, JoAnn Bennett Kowtko (’01) now has a three year old daughter who will attend Faith Christian. I am thrilled that JoAnn, after a successful career a pharmaceutical rep prior to the birth of my granddaughter, now works part time for Faith Christian in alumni development.

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