Is Education Brainwashing?

Propaganda is dangerous stuff. Terrorists and dictators use it but so do marketers, and even schools and universities. It is effective because it most often subtle. Like fish in water, everyone from media and politicians to educational institutions are immersed in a culture with certain assumptions. Ben Brandon teaches in a K-12 classical Christian school as well as at a state university getting a bird’s eye view of what students today are hearing and thinking. His effort to counter the cultural propaganda of the day is compelling and practical for those raising the next generation.

Ben Brandon

Ben Brandon has taught homeschoolers at local co-ops and college courses at The Biblical Studies Center and Boise State University. He has been teaching at The Ambrose School since 2014.

Ben’s greatest hope as a teacher is to pass on his love of learning history and philosophy to his students. The more Ben studies, the more he sees how Christ is the fulfillment of true philosophy and the center of history, as He came in the fullness of time. 

He also uses history as  an excuse to dress up in armor and play with swords. When not teaching, you can find him scoring points in Ultimate Frisbee, or having philosophical discussions with friends at local coffee shops. He loves to spend free time with his mother, father, and four siblings who all live in Boise.