Life Without Fear w/ Ben Bost

We live in a therapeutic age where feelings and emotions dominate reason and confidence in truth.  Almost anywhere you turn these days, researchers are telling us how folks are more anxious and consumed in fear than at any other point in recent history. Fears inhibit our students’ ability to learn and impact their physical, social, and spiritual health. And parents and teachers, well all of us, are vulnerable to fear and anxiety these days. But there is good news! On this episode, we welcome back Ben Bost to share practical wisdom on overcoming fear in both our personal lives and school communities.


Ben Bost is the Co-Founder of the Love & Transformation Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to leveraging the love of God to transform individuals and organizations by providing resources and creating experiences to inspire change and influence society.

A former professional golfer, Ben transitioned his years on the course into mentoring world-class athletes and business leaders. From 2006-2016, Ben was the Senior Director for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Golf Ministry. During this time, Ben served as chaplain during spring training to the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim through Baseball Chapel and the traveling community on the PGA Tour. In 2010, Ben helped launch and then ran GAMEDAY, an immersive tour golf experience still available for families that was featured on Inside the PGA TOUR. Ben holds a BA in History and Religious Studies (UCLA, Baylor University) and an MA in Biblical Leadership from Phoenix Seminary. He lives in Eagle, Idaho with his wife Carrie, and three children: Joshua, Eli, and Audrey.
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