Maryellen St. Cyr on How to Teach Well

We are a culture that values speed and volume over being paced and measured. How does the pedagogy of a classroom lead to joyful discovery and efficient learning?

Classical Christian schools are on the rise, and most have impressive reading lists and ambitious goals of graduates, but how are teachers trained to teach? Most of us teach how we were taught, which can be a challenge when we didn’t grow up in a classical Christian school environment. Today, my guest, Maryellen St Cyr, is back on BaseCamp Live to bring practical wisdom from her years of founding and leading the Ambleside Schools based on Charlotte Mason’s approach to raising and educating children of all ages.

Maryellen St. Cyr, Director of Curriculum at Ambleside Schools International

A professional educator for more than 30 years, Maryellen St. Cyr has spent thousands of hours in the classroom and hundreds of hours observing other teachers. Possessing a passion for a congruent, life-giving method of education, she has become one of the foremost experts on the “common sense” education philosophy of 19th-century British educator, Charlotte Mason. Maryellen is a primary author of When Children Love to Learn and shares insights into education here.