Mastering Study Skills: Essentials for Every Student with Susan Ison

Episode Summary:

Ever told a child to go to their room and do their homework and study? It assumes they know how to study on their own. In this episode of BaseCamp Live Davies Owens and Susan Ison discuss the importance of study skills for students of all ages. They discuss the lack of direct instruction in study skills in schools, the significance of teaching techniques like note-taking and time management, and the impact of organization skills on student success. Susan also shares insights on the need for flexible approaches based on individual learning styles and the effectiveness of practical tools in improving study habits.

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  • 05:00 Introduction to the Importance of Study Skills
  • 05:31 Exploring the Fundamentals of Study Skills
  • 08:16 The Challenge of Teaching Study Skills in Schools
  • 15:00 Deep Dive into Specific Study Skills and Their Impact
  • 19:10 The Role of Learning Styles in Study Skills
  • 20:06 Practical Tips on Enhancing Study Skills
  • 31:10 Focusing on Key Study Skills: Note-Taking and Time Management
  • 36:54 Organizational Skills: The Foundation of Effective Studying
  • 42:34 Time Management: Balancing School and Activities
  • 48:28 Concluding Thoughts and Resources on Study Skills

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