Meet the Cultural Translators

Wouldn’t it be helpful if someone took the time to translate today’s teen culture for you… the latest cultural trends, the media and technology revolutions, even the buzzwords – and then gave you a weekly briefing on what was happening?  That’s exactly what my guest today, David Eaton, CEO and founder of Axis does as a way of helping all of us who are running fast and trying to more effectively raise the next generation, stay tuned…

culture translatorDavid Eaton founded Axis because of his passion to see the good news about Jesus transform students, families, culture, and the beautiful-but-broken world that we live in! As CEO, he spends time collaborating with the Axis team, sharing our vision with generous friends of Axis, creating content that always surprises and intrigues, and answering email! David received his degree in engineering from LeTourneau University, where he served as Student Body President. He has spent a total of 10 months in 17 foreign countries. David loves his wonderfully creative wife Lindsey and their darling daughter Shiloh Abigail.


  • He is a musician. Well, actually he is a drummer (if that counts). Since Shiloh was born, he has now picked up the ukulele.
  • He is known for asking great questions about life, love, and why.
  • He doesn’t know if he is an extrovert or an introvert. The jury is still out.
  • He loves information, learning, and diving past the top-soil of life.
  • He is enamored with the “big picture,” how everything fits together in the details and in the meta-narrative.
  • He roasts his own coffee.
  • He reads nonfiction, despite his wife’s encouragement to read fiction. Someday he will give it a try!