Modern Science Meets Ancient Practice w/ Jason Barney

There is no doubt that a Classical Christian Education is transformative in the life of a young person. But what makes this form of education really work? Yes, it comes from reading Great Books containing some of the most significant thought leaders in western civilization, and yes, following the Trivium is important. Most certainly, having students in a daily environment where moral and virtue formation take place is essential, but besides all of that, what are the actual teaching methods our schools can and should use, which by the way, completely differ from what is done in a typical modern school? In this episode, Jason Barney, illuminates teachers and parents on an ancient method called narration, which has been used for centuries in classrooms as well as around kitchen tables to build habits of awareness and prepare the next generation to think deeply. This ancient method of learning can even be helpful to us modern, on-the-go busy adults.

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Jason Barney serves as the Principal of Coram Deo Academy in Carmel, IN (indiana). In 2012 he was awarded the Henry Salvatori Prize for Excellence in Teaching from Hillsdale College. He completed his MA in Biblical Exegesis at Wheaton College, where he received The Tenney Award in New Testament Studies. In addition to his administrative responsibilities in vision, philosoph,y and faculty training, Jason has taught courses in Latin, Humanities, and Senior Thesis from 3rd-12th grades. He has published A Classical Guide to Narration with the CiRCE Institute and The Joy of Learning, and has several other books on the way. He regularly speaks at events and conferences, including SCL, ACCS and the CiRCE Institute, and has two courses on ClassicalU on Charlotte Mason and Narration. In addition, he has provided training for schools, like the Geneva School, the Covenant School of Dallas and the Ecclesial Schools Initiative. Jason blogs regularly on ancient wisdom for the modern era at