No Parent Left Behind…Partnering with Your School


Parents play a vital role in the success of their children in school. Increasingly, classical Christian schools (CCE) go against the grain of many schools who actively encourage parents to disengage and let them outsource their children’s education to the institution or even the government. But despite a growing culture expecting parents to drop and go, CCE schools stand in direct partnership with parents. Biblically, the school stands under the authority of the parent. But what does this mean practically? How do the home and school really collaborate? Interestingly, a growing number of parents are now choosing hybrid or collaborative schools which offer a blend of education at home and a traditional school setting.  Regardless of whether a child is in a hybrid or a 5-day school, there are important and specific ways parents can and should partner as we stand together to raise the next generation.


Neil Anderson has been the head of school at Trinity Classical School (Houston) since June 2010. The school was founded in 2009 and Mr. Anderson was hired as its first head. TCS is a PreK-12th Christian, classical, and collaborative school with 700 students. Mr. Anderson has a genuine passion for education to the glory of God, through the liberal arts. After graduating from Wheaton College with a degree in Biblical Studies, he served as an associate pastor and worship leader at a church in West Chicago. With a growing family of four children, Neil and his wife Marian moved back to his hometown of Houston. Prior to joining Trinity Classical School, Neil worked at a local classical school, serving as a teacher, department chair, and Dean of Students. During these years, Neil developed a great zeal for classical education and completed a Master’s of Liberal Arts degree at Houston Baptist University. Neil is passionate about poetry, classical literature, theology, carpentry, coffee, hiking, running, and children. He also has a dog that he is not passionate about.