Only For Smart Kids?

Is classical Christian education really for all children, of all abilities? In an age where the number of children with diagnosed needs seems to be spiking, how can schools effectively meet the needs of all children, especially when so many schools work with limited resources? We welcome back Leslie Collins whose last interview a few years ago stirred up a lot of conversation around what is possible for children with special needs. What practical steps can families and schools take to collaborate and ensure that truly no child is left behind? What are the implications for the rest of the classroom and learning objectives for the rest of the class when students of all abilities are included? Join us for this insightful conversation. Plus, learn about Leslie’s newly developed free resource for both schools and parents on this episode of Basecamp Live

Leslie is offering listeners access to a free course using the Thinkific platform! Simply download the course from Thinkific, and she will update as needed. Please use the link below to gain access. Only an email address is needed to enroll and it’s completely free.

Leslie Collins, Head of School at Covenant Academy in Houston, TX

     MA in Biblical Counseling at The Master’s University; 

     BS in Special Education at University of Maryland;

     20+ years of experience working in classical Christian schools

Leslie Collins was first drawn to classical Christian education’s vision to train the heart of each student to be servant leaders through a great books curriculum. Covenant Academy’s mission is directed at the right goal: the heart. C.S. Lewis says in The Abolition of Man, “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles but to irrigate deserts.” Teaching is the art of loving our subject and students so well that they are increasingly drawn towards what is true, good, and beautiful. She loves working with such an amazing team of educators at Covenant as they learn more and more how to teach like The Master Teacher, Jesus Christ.

Leslie has been happily married to her best friend for 34 years. They are the proud parents of Daniel, a brave firefighter and Laura, a loving mother and teacher. Both graduated from homeschool and are now thriving in their respective callings. Their youngest two are Covenant Academy Alumni. Lydia, Class of 2016, graduated from Grove City College in 2019. Jonathan graduated in 2019. They also have one precious granddaughter and another on the way. Leslie also enjoys reading, walking, cooking, and gardening.