Partnering with Private School Parents w/ Allison Buras

Welcome to another episode of BaseCamp Live, where Davies Owens and Allison Buras dissect the labyrinth of interactions between parents and schools. This long-term partnership, they stress, plays a pivotal role in raising the next generation. A successful collaborative approach requires not just open communication, but also a healthy balance of expectation management and trust-building.

Discover compelling stories that highlight examples of effective collaboration in action. Whether it’s addressing misconduct through open dialogue or the innovative concept of a Parent Council, each story paints a vivid picture of the value of working collaboratively. The conversation also navigates through the importance of Parent-Teacher Conferences and tips to make the most out of these brief yet crucial interactions. All these elements combine to underline the key message: the journey of parenting and education, while complex, is a rewarding venture with countless opportunities for growth and learning.

Biography: Allison Buras

Allison Buras is a co-founder of Live Oak Classical School (2004) where she has served as Grammar School Dean since 2011. She has worked in education for over 25 years teaching kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and high school English as well as administrative roles. Allison completed a Master’s of Theological Studies at Truett Seminary and is a Visiting Faculty member with the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education in their Catholic Educator Formation and Credentialing Program. She serves as an Alcuin Fellow with the Texas chapter. Two sons have graduated from Live Oak’s program and her youngest is a sophomore there. She is married to Todd Buras,cChair of the Philosophy Department at Baylor University.