Anxiety Free Learning and Living

Modern education is an education in anxiety. Teaching has largely become a technical trade designed to instill efficiently in students a volume of information so that students will prove their knowledge using quantifiable testing data….

What is on my kid’s phone?

Today younger and younger aged children carry with them a one-eyed Cyclops screen monster, called a “smart phone” that can immediately connect a young person not only to their parents and positive resources, but in…

Four years that stick with you for life

What questions should you be considering when evaluating colleges today? What are some of the myths and realities surrounding degrees and careers and where those lead? What kinds of skills should your child learn in…

“I was robbed.”

George Grant was successful by all academic accounts and had become a speech writer for well known politicians. But what he realized while working on a masters in political science was that so much of…

My Ugly Is Your Pretty – Beauty Matters

The word “beauty” has gotten a bad rap these days. Modern folks generally toss it aside as an irrelevant and impractical thing, relegated to something soft and impractical, best for little girls having tea parties….