Raising Real Women – Wonder Woman or Laura Ingalls?

It isn’t easy to raise a girl today with so many competing voices in our culture, not to mention in our Christian circles. If you are involved in raising a girl today, you don’t want to miss this interview with Bekah Merkle.

Eve in Exile

Bekah Merkle talks to women in her book Eve in Exile about her own experiences growing up that have shaped her and the way she raises her five teenage children. Her proudest accomplishment is her family and her role as wife and mom. Below is an introduction to her book, which she explores during this podcast…

raising real women“The swooning Victorian ladies and the 1950s housewives genuinely needed to be liberated. That much is indisputable. So, First-Wave feminists held rallies for women’s suffrage. Second-Wave feminists marched for Prohibition, jobs, and abortion. Today, Third-Wave feminists stand firmly for nobody’s quite sure what. But modern women — who use psychotherapeutic antidepressants at a rate never before seen in history — need liberating now more than ever. The truth is, feminists don’t know what liberation is. They have led us into a very boring dead end.

Eve in Exile sets aside all stereotypes of mid-century housewives, of China-doll femininity, of Victorians fainting, of women not allowed to think for themselves or talk to the men about anything interesting or important. It dismisses the pencil-skirted and stiletto-heeled executives of TV, the outspoken feminists freed from all that hinders them, the brave career women in charge of their own destinies. Once those fictionalized stereotypes are out of the way — whether they’re things that make you gag or things you think look pretty fun — Christians can focus on real women. What did God make real women for?”

raising real womenRebekah Merkle has dabbled in a number of occupations ranging from running her own clothing label to designing fabrics to becoming a full-time high school humanities teacher. Her designs have been featured in a number of magazines and she has edited a Brit Lit curriculum for Canon Press, but by far her proudest accomplishment is her crew of five outrageous, hilarious, high-speed teenage children, and her favorite role is that of wife to her similarly outrageous, hilarious, and high-speed husband Ben Merkle.