Raising Students With Gritty Work Ethics with Tami Peterson

Episode Summary:

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Tami Peterson, Founder and CEO of Life Architects, a renowned career coaching and consulting group. Host Davies Owens delves into instilling a solid work ethic in today’s youth, exploring the challenges and solutions in partnership between schools and homes.

About Tami Peterson:

Tami Peterson holds an undergraduate degree in Christian Education from Ozark Christian College and an M.A. in Leadership, Theology, and Society from Regent College and brings a wealth of experience in classical Christian education to the table. With a diverse background, including teaching and advising roles, Peterson holds the dynamic position of Founder and CEO at Life Architects Coaching. Her passion for empowering young minds underscores her commitment to nurturing a strong work ethic in today’s youth while providing invaluable insights into Christian educators’ challenges.

Key Questions Addressed:

  • What are the root causes behind the lack of satisfaction and purpose in work among young adults today?
  • How can parents and educators articulate and integrate a robust theology of work into their teaching and parenting practices?
  • Peterson shares practical strategies for different stages of education, from grammar to rhetoric, emphasizing the importance of instilling a sense of contribution and stewardship in students.
  • Examples are provided of how students in the grammar, logic, and rhetoric stages can be guided to understand the value of work and its role in reflecting the image of God.
  • Peterson offers insights into mentoring relationships, career exploration, and exposing students to real-world work experiences.
  • The episode concludes with 90-second takeaways and a segment addressing listener questions on parenting and education.

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