Rapid Growth, High Demand: The State of Classical Education w/ Jeremy Tate

Episode Summary:

Over the past two decades, classical education has witnessed rapid growth and high demand, transforming from a niche concept to a widely recognized educational approach. From traditional classrooms to homeschooling environments, the surge in interest begs the question: Is classical education merely a passing trend, or are we experiencing an educational renaissance? In this episode, Jeremy Tate, CEO of CLT, offers insights that inspire both parents and educators.

About Jeremy Tate:

Jeremy Tate is the founder and CEO of the Classic Learning Test (CLT), a humanities-focused alternative to the SAT and ACTs. As a former college admissions test prep consultant and counselor, Tate identified a need for more logic-based and philosophy-based subject matter in traditional entrance exams, motivating him to establish the CLT. As a graduate of Louisiana State University and Reformed Theological Seminary, Tate is a dedicated advocate for restoring the foundations of Western education. He has four children and works closely with K-12 institutions and colleges nationwide.

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