Redeeming Awkward Moments with Dave Mathwin

Join us for an enlightening journey with Dave Mathwin, a seasoned educator with 26 years of experience. Dave, the Dean of Students and Upper School History teacher at Ad Fontes Academy, shares his unique insights on transforming awkward moments in the classroom into catalysts for student growth. We delve deep into his pedagogical approach, the essence of his website – The Stick in the Mud, and his latest book which explores this intriguing concept in detail.

We invite you to be part of our conversation as we traverse the fine line between order and renewal. Dave generously shares his invaluable wisdom about managing classroom dynamics and how stepping away from rigid structures can open new avenues for learning. We explore the power of silence, its potential to refocus attention and guide discussions, and the surprising ways redemption can be discovered in discomfort.

In the concluding part of our discussion, Dave delves into the beauty of educational chaos. We shed light on the integral role of struggles in the learning journey and their potential to lead to grace and growth. We discuss the value of embracing a bit of disorder in our lives and the profound impact it can have on shaping the learners of tomorrow. So, don’t miss out on this insightful discussion.

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Biography: Dave Mathwin

Mr. Dave Mathwin has taught at Ad Fontes since 1998. He lives in Midland with his wife Linda and their three children, John, AJ, and Keris. In past years he taught a variety of subjects but now concentrates on teaching History at the Upper School. As Dean of Students, Mr. Mathwin develops student leaders and provides mentoring opportunities across the Upper School, as well as increasing their sense of ownership and enjoyment of the AFA culture and community.Mr. Mathwin’s website, A Stick in the Mud, has his weekly overviews of his 8th-12th grade History classes, as well as book reviews and other articles.