Senior Thesis Perspective: Joyful Learning w/ Christina Burkhalter

On this episode of BaseCamp Live, we hear a first-hand perspective from the high school classroom. The capstone project for every CCE student is their senior thesis. Senior Christina Burkhalter joins me to share the thesis she wrote, presented, and defended, titled: The Art of Classical Education as an Effort to Restore the Joy of Learning. She presents some of her thoughtful research and reflects on her first hand experiences of her own K-12 school journey. Her enthusiasm is contagious and a reminder to all of us parents and educators why this effort to raise up the next generation in classical Christian schools is so critical and fruitful.

Christina Burkhalter will be attending the University of Arkansas Honors College majoring in Classical Studies. She is a recent 2022 graduate and highly values the excellence and deep thinking that classical studies bring to the classroom. She hopes to share her passion for the beauty of history and rhetoric with its relatedness and importance to the future. Her desire is to inspire young minds to value excellence in education and to encourage deep thinking that results in a future generation that can speak and think.