Seven Elements of a Healthy School w/ Walter Kearns

What is a healthy school? There are many ways to answer this question because schools are complex organizations. Healthy schools have the right curriculum and well-trained teachers but also have to be guided by capable leaders and boards. If you were to have in front of you, a dashboard monitoring all the key indicators of a healthy school and what should be attended to, what gauges would you want to have? We will talk about these key indicators in this conversation with Walter Kearns who helps schools answer these important questions of what it means to be healthy. Whether you are a parent wanting to know the right questions to ask when choosing a school or a school leader wanting to be sure you have all your bases covered, this episode is for you.

Walter Kearns is the Director of Strategy at The Champion Group, a Christ-centered fundraising and strategy consulting company based in Birmingham, Alabama.  Champion conducts major fundraising events and organizational strategy consulting for Christian schools, ministries and select charities throughout the U.S. and Canada.  It brings experience from over 2,800 client engagements conducted in 48 states and throughout Canada. Before Champion, Walter served as Area Director for K-Life in Stillwater, Oklahoma, then became Regional Director for K-Life, overseeing several chapters. (K-Life is a youth discipleship ministry founded in 1979 through Kanakuk Kamps; it has 25 chapters around the country.)  He is married to his amazing wife Jane, the dad of twin girls and a younger son. Though he grew up in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he’s passionate about Auburn football, discipleship, hunting, and helping organizations reach their fullest God-designed potential.