Sports Gone Mad: How to Reclaim Balance For Our Children – Ken Sugarman

Sports teams that go year round or travel most weekends appear to be the trend…but how is this affecting children and how can we navigate the pitfalls of an athletic industry gone mad?

sportsToday’s guest, Ken Sugarman, walks us through the problem and shares what he sees after 15 years of collegiate coaching and as a father raising two athletic sons. The landscape is strewn with burned out youth, pushy parents and more injuries than ever before. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Coach Sugarman encourages parents in practical ways how to affirm their little athletes while not letting sports control the life of the family or our hearts.

“Rightly ordered affections” is what classical Christian education is all about, and that includes our response to sports and modeling it for our kids. Be encouraged by this timely conversation today with Ken Sugarman, a coach in the trenches.