Student Buy-In: So Why THIS School?

I’ve said before that students in K-12 Classical Christian schools are often the most neglected population in our schools. What do I mean by that? School leaders put a lot of energy into educating parents, grandparents, donors, even alumni, but our own students often miss out on the vision casting and opportunities for buy-in to the model and the amazing education they are receiving every day. And parents with children who start out in Kindergarten usually don’t spend a lot of time over the subsequent years explaining why they are in a CCE school. So how do we better onboard older students who join a CCE education in the middle or high school years?  Along the way, our students dutifully put on their uniforms and follow what is expected, but what if we took the time to give them a beautiful vision for their education and help them to “own it,” even love it. Josh Gibbs is back to talk about his newest publication that he directed specifically to prospective and current students to help them understand and lean in on the gift of a Classical Christian education.

Joshua Gibbs is a highly regarded taught classic literature Veritas Classical School in Richmond, a lecturer t teachers on pedagogy and great books, and the author of How To Be Unlucky, Something They Will Not Forget, and the forthcoming Love What Lasts. Gibbs has in Christian schools and earned acclaim for his writing. ​

Since becoming a teacher, Joshua Gibbs has been a frequent speaker at the Society for Classical Learning annual conference (next week) and the Circe Institute national conference. He is an Alcuin Fellow and a member of the Templeton Honors College advisory board. His column The Cedar Room is read by thousands of people every month. He has been interviewed by the Front Porch Republic and Culture Feed, published on First Things, and is the creator of the popular Teaching the Great Books class on ClassicalU.