Preparing for and Surviving in College – An Insider’s View – Austin Gentry

Colleges are increasingly challenging places for Christians. Austin Gentry is a 20-something millennial who has written a new book for surviving college. As this generation is increasingly exiting the church as they enter college, students from Christian schools are not immune.  In our interview, he shares some stories of what he is seeing on respected university campuses today and how he is helping a generation to rediscover the truth of the Gospel. His book, 10 Things Every Christian Should Know for College, is a practical guide to life in college that has good insights even for those whose children are not college aged.

Austin Gentry is a 20-something from NC who loves to read, write, and talk about topics that relate to Scripture and culture. Austin graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a double major in Religious Studies and Interpersonal/Organizational Communication and is also a graduate of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity. He attends The Summit Church, located in Durham, NC, pastored by JD Greear.


When he’s not behind the books or the computer, he’s most likely managing social media accounts, hanging with friends, trying to improve his golf game, or watching his beloved sports teams play (Tar Heels, Demon Deacons, Panthers, Spurs, and Carolina Hurricanes).


You can generally expect this blog to be a thought stream about biblical truths, ideas, and applications that flow out of Scripture itself, as well as how they might intersect with other areas of life too, like popular culture, sports, marketing, politics, or random personal events.


College is a place that can either make your faith or break your faith. It is a crucible where the fires of the world prove the authenticity of faith—making it wither like dross or making it glimmer like gold. Many Christians go to college and immediately find themselves face-to-face with a host of worldviews, values, and lifestyles they have never before encountered. Then they start asking the hard questions: What do I believe? How do I respond? Who am I? What should I do with my life? This book stands at the intersection of the Christian faith and the college life. 10 Things Every Christian Should Know For College is a replete guide for not merely surviving in college, but more importantly, thriving in college. Within its pages, you will find the most relevant and significant issues every Christian college student will face, such as how to handle doubt, how to form community, and how to establish identity.