Are Classical Schools Too Difficult?

Episode Summary: In this episode of BaseCamp Live, we tackle the question: Are Classical Christian schools too challenging? Join us as we explore the nuances of academic rigor, individual learning needs, and the balance between challenging students and overwhelming them. With special guest Heather Lloyd, Founder and CEO of Concordis Education Partners, we unpack the…

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Finding Balance In A Non-stop Digital Age ~ Tony Reinke

Author Tony Reinke’s newest book, Competing Spectacles: Treasuring Christ in the Media Age, addresses the tension between seeing as God sees versus what we see all around us… anything from Facebook to Twitter, from Netflix to a kiss cam. This constant media barrage means that what is not explicitly sinful still pulls our gaze away…

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Wimpy or Worn Out? Finding the balance between indulging or burning out our children – Keith McCurdy

Classical Christian kids are asked to give a lot of their time and mental energy to school and life in general. Parents can make the mistake of being too sympathetic (“oh, so sorry for your hard day at school…”) and risk making our kids soft, or we can fail to understand the real pressures and…

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