How to Make Lasting Friends with Justin Whitmel Earley

Have you ever felt a gnawing sense of loneliness, even when surrounded by others? Or found yourself drifting into isolation, despite our hyper-connected digital world? Join us as we venture into this seemingly paradoxical terrain with returning guest and author, Justin Whitmel Earley. Through his thought-provoking books, “Habits of the Household” and “Made for People:…

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Slow School in a Fast World with Eliot Grasso

Unlock the secrets of classical Christian education with our enlightening conversation with Eliot Grasso, accomplished Irish musician and vice president and tutor at Gutenberg College. Prepare to challenge your notions about the efficiency of education as we trail-blaze beyond the modern world’s relentless pursuit of immediate results. Grasp the profound benefits of an inefficient education…

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