chris browne

A Classical Life Hack: Commonplacing ~ Chris Browne

If you are like the average person, you easily forget what you’ve just read. But not if you “commonplace”. Commonplacing is a practice of antiquity that was particularly popular in the Renaissance and the nineteenth century. And many classical schools are reviving the practice and reaping the benefits. Chris Browne, Humanities Instructor at the Ambrose…

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Do Classical Christian Schools Create Perfectionist Parents and Students?

We live in a world that celebrates mediocrity and egalitarianism, where no one can judge anyone, and anyone’s truth is as good as anyone else’s. A classical Christian school that proclaims Truth, Goodness, and Beauty, and expects excellence in all aspects of life, is at risk of attracting parents and students who fall prey to…

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The ‘Teacup Generation’ – is your child at risk?

They quit sports teams when the pressure is on, too much homework leads to tears, a power outage and no internet are anxiety producing. Later in life they are prone to bounce from job to job and marriage to marriage and will likely end up in parents’ basements… welcome to the “Tea Cup Generation.” What…

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