gordon pennington

Our Cultural Moment and the CCE Antidote w/ Gordon Pennington

Our schools obviously exist in the midst of the surrounding culture. The daily bombardment of media techno intrusion can ravage the affections and loves of our students. So it is imperative as parents and educators that we wisely  understand the context in which we run our schools and families. The good news is that at…

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There’s an Educational Awakening Going On – Gordon Pennington

There’s an educational awakening going on. It’s not a new movement but it’s gaining momentum. It’s creating a national conversation that more and more people are getting in on because it’s becoming clear that we are fighting for the last vestiges of western civilization. We’re learning that if life is subject to a grand social…

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Former Tommy Hilfiger Marketing Director Discovers Classical Christian Education

Gordon Pennington is one of the best cultural translators out there. His life reads like a fascinating adventure novel. In his marketing days in New York as the head of marketing for Tommy Hilfiger, he was courted by MTV and jet setting with celebrities and stars including David Lee Roth, Prince Albert and Johnny Depp….

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