nancy pearcey

Breaking the Mold: Addressing Toxic Masculinity for Our Boys with Nancy Pearcey

Episode Summary In this episode of BaseCamp Live, host Davies Owens engages in a thought-provoking conversation with bestselling author and scholar Nancy Pearcey about her latest book, The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes. Pearcey, a respected figure in evangelical circles, sheds light on modern masculinity’s cultural challenges and offers insights into…

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ENCORE: How A Low View of the Body Leads to Dehumanization in the Culture – Nancy Pearcey

Today’s episode originally aired in June of 2018 and is more relevant than ever before. The headlines are throwing cutting edge issues our way on a daily basis:  homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion, euthanasia, to name a few.  College campuses, especially, are pushing these agendas.  What is the underlying worldview connecting all of these?  And what is the…

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