Helping Students Know Who They Are with Tami Peterson

Have you ever pondered the monumental impact that educators and parents have in shaping a student’s journey toward self-discovery and adulthood? With Tami Peterson’s return to our dialogue, we immerse ourselves in the profound exploration of this transformative phase. Our conversation delves into the essence of education, far surpassing the simple accumulation of knowledge, to…

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Helping Teens Find Purpose in an Age of Anxiety and Depression

What is the one core life ingredient that every person must have? Without it teenagers can become susceptible to depression, anxiety and even suicide. But with it, a person is more likely to live in confidence, despite the challenges around him or her. And in particular, how does a school environment add to or take…

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The Princeton Graduate Unhinged by a 5-Year Old

Howe Whitman was a young dad with a five-year old. He had a prestigious Princeton diploma on the wall and had earned an MBA from The Wharton School (which US News and World Report ranks as the top business program in the country). The world was at his door and he had the education that…

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