Helping Students Know Who They Are with Tami Peterson

Have you ever pondered the monumental impact that educators and parents have in shaping a student’s journey toward self-discovery and adulthood? With Tami Peterson’s return to our dialogue, we immerse ourselves in the profound exploration of this transformative phase. Our conversation delves into the essence of education, far surpassing the simple accumulation of knowledge, to…

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Wisdom & Eloquence for Today’s Parents with Robert Littlejohn

Discover the secrets to fostering wisdom and eloquence in the next generation as we engage with Dr. Robert Littlejohn, whose book “Wisdom and Eloquence” remains a cornerstone in educational leadership after 17 years. Prepare to be enlightened by Dr. Littlejohn’s profound insights on how we can raise compassionate thinkers in a world that’s rapidly changing….

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A Conversation with My Son w/ Liam Owens

In this episode of Basecamp Live, Davies Owens has a conversation with his son Liam about his experience with classical Christian education and the issues facing his generation. Liam offers a candid perspective on the challenges of navigating an ever-changing culture and the importance of a timeless education that prepares young people to engage with…

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