Teens Keeping Faith… How 10% Stay The Course ~ Brooke Hempell

The not so good news…Barna reports that only 10% of young adults ages 18-29 report keeping their faith in the face of a resistant culture. The good news…their “resilient faith” is very strong. So how do young adults from Christian homes or who attended church as teens maintain their faith – if at all? Brooke Hempell, Barna’s Senior Vice President, shares how this new study measures faith and the three trends that will help equip teens who will soon step into that space where faith meets world.


Barna Group’s Senior Vice President of Research, Brooke Hempell, manages the firm’s research studies, from semi-annual polls that track the pulse of Americans’ beliefs and practices, to custom studies for para-church ministries, denominations, businesses and non-profit organizations. Through this work, Barna helps leaders gain insights into faith groups and the general population’s perspectives on faith and cultural issues. Prior to joining Barna, Brooke led market research engagements for clients in the pharmaceutical, financial services and retail industries for more than 15 years. She earned her B.S. in Business and Marketing from Cornell University. Brooke is active in church planting and racial reconciliation ministries and lives in Atlanta, GA.

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