The Buffalo Creek Boys School on Raising Boys: A Fresh Approach to Classical Christian Ed

Modern education produces weak men. The truth is, boys mature at different ages, need different learning environments, and are wired by God uniquely in their distinct bodies and minds. The task before us is to raise up a generation of young men who are confident in their identity, disciplined and skilled in their thinking, and faithful in their commitment to Christ. Classical Christian education is a critical ingredient to reach this goal, but our schools have got to consider one size education doesn’t fit all. Join me for this conversation with founders of the Buffalo Creek Boys School, Lee and Rebecca Taylor, and learn what they discovered in their unique school that can be applied to anyone raising the next generation of young men. The good news is a lot of what they have discovered applies to girls too!

Lee Taylor grew up all over the Southeast, as his father was transferred as a store manager for Sears, Roebuck and Co. He received his Bachelor of Arts in psychology and earned a Juris Doctor degree from Mercer University in Macon, Georgia. He has been the principal of law firms in both Ellijay, Georgia, and Lexington, Virginia, enjoying a career of “teaching clients, judges, and juries about the law.” He discovered his passion for ceramic arts in college and has been a wood-fire potter ever since. He is a self-taught mandolin, harmonica and guitar player, and loves nothing better than a good cup of coffee while listening to some bluegrass music. Lee is a leather craftsman, horseman, and outdoorsman, and particularly loves camping and cooking over an open fire. He has great enthusiasm for science, grammar, the stars, and critters of all kinds, including snakes and raptors. Lee became a Christian at the age of 12 through the influence of his youth pastor at First Baptist Church in Decatur, Alabama. He believes that the most effective way to have an eternal impact on individuals, our community, and our nation is to raise a generation with the spiritual and academic mettle to set themselves apart as men of character.

Rebecca Taylor grew up in a family of eight in Nashville, Tennessee, McLean, Virginia, and Atlanta, Georgia. She earned a Bachelor of Science in agriculture and her middle school teaching certification from the University of Georgia.

She taught in public school for four years and ended up with her own “one room schoolhouse” when God called her to homeschool her four children for six years. In 2001, her family sold everything and spent a year on the road, homeschooling with America as their classroom. In Rockbridge County, Rebecca taught Weekday Religious Education (WRE) in the public schools and helped create and lead a homeschool co-op. In 2014, she also took her first of many mission trips to Africa to teach in classical Christian schools in Rafiki villages.  Her passion is to teach sports, games, music, dancing, fiber arts, gardening, and core subjects from a Biblical worldview in an engaging way.

The opportunity to nurture the hearts of young boys as they learn and mature is a challenge and calling Rebecca is excited to heed.

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