The Current State of Classical Christian Education with Eric Cook

There is a sizable migration underway of new families seeking to educate their children classically. Admissions lines are long in most classical Christian schools. Why is this happening now?  What does it say about the broader culture? Needless to say, you are at the right place at the right time.

In this episode, Eric Cook, president of the Society for Classical Learning, and I discuss the many changes going on all around us in the world of education and how our schools are uniquely positioned for such a time as this, when the world more than ever needs a generation of students who love the good and are truly real-world ready.

President of the Society for Classical Learning, Eric is also the Head of School at Covenant Classical in Fort Worth, TX where he has served for 12 years. Prior to Covenant, Eric was the Head of Upper School at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, VA. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Secondary Social Studies Education from Transylvania University, and a master’s degree in Instructional Leadership from Northern Kentucky University. He has taught history, political science, psychology, and philosophy in public schools, and served as an assistant principal for several years. In 2006, Eric felt called to join the classical Christian school movement and became the Middle and Upper School Head at Faith Christian School in Roanoke, Virginia. In addition to his leadership roles, Eric has taught apologetics, theology, philosophy of religion, and served as thesis director. Eric and his wife, Liz, have six children.