The Drawbacks of Educational Technology ~ Martin Cothran

How do we know when we’ve overstepped technology in the classical educational environment?  Don’t we need to raise “real world” ready kids? Martin Cothran argues that today’s schools – and parents – are actually raising “Windows” ready kids, to the detriment of their ability to focus. Listen in to hear about the latest technological trends in education and how to respond in the classroom and the home.

Martin CothranMartin Cothran is editor of the Classical Teacher magazine, a quarterly periodical for parents and professional educators published by Memoria Press. He is also director of the Classical Latin School Association and editor of its Exordium blog on classical Christian education. He is the author of several widely used educational textbooks, including Traditional Logic, Books I and II, Material Logic: A Course on How to Think, Classical Rhetoric: A Study of Aristotle’s Principles of Persuasion, and Lingua Biblica: Old Testament Stories in Latin. He lives with his wife in Danville, Kentucky.